Choir 2000 - Histon and Impington Community Choir

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We'll meet again, we know where but we just don't know when...

Our normal activities are temporarily suspended but we're still around

We're just unable to make to make firm plans for a future return to rehearsals while things are still so uncertain.


Prior to our AGM, we took the opportunity afforded by the weather and the (then) current guidelines which allowd for 30 singers to meet up in the splendid gardens of Histon Manor for an outdoor choral session. Marvellous to be together, even with social distancing and even better to be able to raise our collective voice. Many, many  thanks to the owners of Histon Manor for allowing us to use their grounds. We'd love to do something like this again at some point.


We had hoped that following our  virtual AGM, circumstances might have changed such that  we could plan a return to some limited rehearsals.  We are still (!) trying to work out if and how we might get together ( as groups of 6 perhaps) to do some 'live' carolling but we fear we may be overtaken by changes to guidance yet again. 


However - taking "Nil desperandum" as our watchword, we're planning to rehearse a  few songs for the season with our MD via Zoom. Members of the Choir will have been sent their invitations to join our first 'seasonal' session on Wednesday 4th Nov at 7:30pm.


Please have your 'white book' of carols ready!


Choir 2000 - looking back

Here's a link to the video that was playing while we all waited for the virtual AGM to start on Wednesday 23rd. Look out for the photo taken at Histon Manor earlier this month. The music is of course the marvellous 'Kyrie' from Rossini's 'Petite messe solenelle' which we so enjoyed singing last year.

Look out for our resident butterfly on the keyboard.

Thanks to Sarah for providing the slideshow and soundtrack.





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