News and events

Looking ahead in 2022

Our new musical director

Taking over the baton from Peter Britton, who has stepped down after 15 years with the Choir, we are very happy to introduce our newly appointed Musical Director, Chloe Allison. 


Chloe accepted the post just before Christmas and has this to say about her appointment:

    "I am thrilled to be starting work with Choir 2000 in the New  Year. 
     They  make such a vibrant sound and are clearly such a close-knit
     musical  community. I am honoured to be taking up the reins and excited
     to see  where the choir will go in the future!

     I love working with community choirs. Singing is such an
     inclusive  activity that brings people together, and facilitating
     collective  expression in song is extremely rewarding. As a director, I
     focus on  making sure all my singers are developing vocal techniques that
     allow them  to sing freely and healthily. I also make sure we are not just
     singing,  but communicating. I invite everyone to think about the words,
     and  together we shape a collective performance with sincere meaning.

     When not leading choirs, I am a singer and a researcher with a
     PhD that  focused on the music sung at Notre Dame de Paris at the end of
     the 12th  century. I also direct the performance collective, Marginalia,
     who create  innovative performance events bringing research and performance
     into  dialogue. I greatly enjoy both academic and practical music
     teaching, and  am this year lecturing in the Cambridge University music
     faculty. "






Our programme for Spring and Summer

As per the new normal while things remain uncertain, our programme plans for the next few months are being reviewed.


IWe had planned to present the Mozart 'Requiem' in our Spring term concert performance, but we're now deferring that to our Summer term programme rather than the original plans we had for performing 'Elijah' which we're now postponing until a later date.


We're planning a themed programme of music for our Spring concert 2022 featuring Faure's 'Requiem' and other programme pieces.

Spring term 2022 rehearsals

We begin our Spring term rehearsals online, anticipating that we'll be able to rehearse in person at the Baptist Church at the end of January and hopefully, live performances in March.