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 A return to normal activities - andLooking ahead in 2022 - 2023

Back to normal (extra) activities

Sometimes we do  other things...!


Thank goodness the Feast Market in Histon has returned from lock-down. It has always been an enjoyable way to fund-raise for Choir2000 and was sorely missed these last two years. However, this year, and thanks to the generosity of our members and the public, we managed to raise £325.00 in just three hours on Histon Green. As usual, there were tempting tombola prizes, jams, cakes and plants on offer. We are already looking forward to next year’s event and hope it will be a return to the extended version along the High Street.



Looking forward to 2022-23  - from our musical director

Next term seems a very long way away, but we have some really wonderful (and very varied) repertoire on the cards. I promise there will be something for everyone and something to make everyone smile. (No more tears for now. We have done enough sad things recently!)