Histon and Impington Community Choir
Histon and Impington Community Choir

Hermann Suter: 'Le Laudi'                                breathing life into a seldom performed work

Written in 1924 by the Swiss composer Hermann Suter, this oratorio is based on the beautiful ‘Canticle of the Sun’ by Francis of Assisi. While the work was a triumph on the continent, with over 80 performances throughout central Europe, this glorious piece unfortunately never made it to Britain.


In June 2009, thanks to great efforts by our Choir-Coordinator and  with financial support fromthe Arts Council, Choir 2000 gave this piece its first UK performance to great acclaim from audiences and performers alike.


We are delighted to have this work on our programme once again and look forward to presenting it to wider audiences at the new Saffron Walden Concert Hall (23 June 2018) and at West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge on 24th June 2018.


We look forward to welcoming back three of the soloists from the original performance; Amy Moore (coming all the way from Australia), Louise Crane and Ben Davies. They will be joined by Justin Lavender, who was prevented  from singing at the original performance by a professional engagement in Taiwan. Professor Timothy Carney of the Chaminade University in Honolulu, who gave an introductory talk to the piece in 2009, will conduct the work. Prof Carney brings a special interest to the work, having written his doctroal thesis about Suter and 'Le Laudi'; accompanying him to join the Choir's ranks will be around 20 singers, all the way from Honolulu having premiered the work in the US July 000.


All these people are keen to join us at this performance - we very much hope you will too.


The image (left) is of the statue of St Francis of Assisi in Sorrento. The words on the plinth are ’Laudate sia mi Signore con tutte le tue creature’ from Canticle of the Sun