Thank you

Choir 2000 could not exist without the much valued support we receive from patrons, friends, members (past and present) and other volunteers. Thank you all!


We are very grateful for the generous sponsorship for our current season (2015-2016) by the following Patrons and Friends:


Patrons of Choir 2000

  • Grayston Burgess (honorary)
  • Richard Stebbings Funeral Service
  • Stephen Tromans
  • Michael Gill
  • Anne Godfrey
  • Beatrix Bown
  • Theresa Pride
  • Charles Brindley
  • Janet Kempson
  • Nancy Sempers
  • Douglas de Lacey
  • Penny de Lacey
  • Alison Hargreaves


We would also add special thanks to:


The Minister and Deacons of Histon Baptist Church for their continued support of our activities, and for allowing their church to be used as a rehearsal and concert facility for the people of Histon, Impington and surrounding area.

Our local ticket agencies, facilities kindly provided by Les Ward (Greengrocers) at Histon and Cottenham and the Mace Station Stores in Impington.


All those whose work behind the scenes helps in the successful running of our events: the Choir librarians, the publicity team, the rostrum crew, front of house volunteers and all those who help with refreshments during rehearsals and performances.