MIDI files for rehearsing at home

Practice MIDI files for most of the material that we are rehearsing can be downloaded from 'Learn Choral Music',  John Hooper's website.


Many thanks to John for the time, effort and keyboard-bashing required to make these files!


The files on John's site are MIDI files. Here is a link to a 'how to' document  put together by Sarah Payne (thanks Sarah) which gives instructions on how to get the files from the website:


How to download files for voice parts from John Hooper's website
How to use John's website.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [537.3 KB]

Once you've downloaded the MIDI file, there are a number of free pieces of software that will let you playback the file. John Hooper's website gives comprehensive advice and recommendations here about your playback options and links to software discussed.


Below, we show a few suggestions to get you started. If you have problems or need advice with playback, you can always ask at rehearsal.


Software notes
iTunes (Apple) playlist facility; can sometimes misread the emphasised files
Windows Media Player part of Windows; can sometimes misread the emphasised files; can slow down the playback speed
Winamp Start/stop/pause, but no adjustment of tempo or volume of parts. Playlist facility.
MidiPlay (Chris Hills) Allows start/stop/pause, change tempo or emphasis of parts
Noteworthy viewer Allows start/stop/pause and change of tempo
vonBasco karoake player

similar featues to MidiPlay. Has a playlist facility


Session as used by John Hooper to create the emphasised parts in the MIDI files. This link goes to John's site.

Other rehearsal materials

CDs and MP3 files specific to your voice part can be obtained from alternative sources; try Saffron Choral Prompt  or Choralia