Lockdown repertoire Jan - May 2021

Tallis 'O nata lux'

For our session on May 19th -

Recall that Roger talked about 6/ 8 measure which involves 6 quavers to a bar. The score we're using for this is in 6/ 4 so has 6 crotchets per bar.


Note that the score is written for S A T T B so a good idea if Alto 2 can sing the first tenor part. 


The link is to a performance by The Sixteen on  YouTube (Click on the image to the left) which also shows the score. This version is in 6/ 2 so there are 6 minims in a bar. It sounds the same however you write it



Passereau 'Il est bel et bon'

This can be found in the Oxford Madrigal and Partsong volume.


Click on the image to the right to listen to a lively and entertaining young ensemble  'The Junior Quintet' perform this.


Faure 'Cantique de Jean Racine'

For 28th April


This  beautiful piece is probably familiar to many of us.

The score is in the Oxford ‘European Sacred Music’ volume. 

The link to the left (click on the image)  is a YouTube version featuring Stephen Cleobury with King’s College Choir.

Finzi 'My spirit sang all day'

As a change from early music, this is a joyful and fun piece to sing (in my opinion!) and includes the challenges of accidentals and changes of time signature.


Click on the image to the right for a video to give a flavour of the piece.



Elgar 'As torrents in summer'

From 'Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf, Op. 30'

Click on the image to listen to this.